Target Audience Prezi

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Final Film Opening

This is my final media project. I have created a shorter more precise version of my previous draft. In my other drafts I had missed out the sound of footsteps, and there were some bad parts which affected the flow of my final project. I feel as if I have improved upon my drafts to create the best film opening I could achieve.

Evaluation Question 7

7) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

I can safely say that i can see a great improvement in the quality of my media work from the start, with the preliminary task and to now, after my film opening. I can say my editing and use of the wide range of camera angles and rules has improvement over the course of the year.

Firstly, my confidence with the use of editing softwares; Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects has increased, as I can see an improved nature with the continuity and smoothness of transitions between shots has increased since my preliminary task and through the other task I have undergone, to the final film opening. In the preliminary task I remember focusing on the people talking so had to use the 180 ┬ádegree rule when editing, in my media product I didn’t have a lot of dialogue in it but i did have an over the shoulder shot and close ups when characters were talking. By starting off by using the 180 degree rule I feel as if I have been able to master the technique, and also has given me an eye to be able to edit my work to make it more smooth and interesting. i feel as if the preliminary task helps me get a feel for the camera and where to place the camera when filming certain scenes. It showed me to include several different shots in my final piece to keep the flow of the film at a good tempo to avoid losing the interest of my audience.

I feel my editing, camera angles and use of music has made my filming better, this is due to having practise when filming the shoe lace task. Tying a shoe lace is an everyday task people have to undergo, this makes it not very exciting to watch, so by including music, and variation of camera angle followed by smooth continuity editing, it made it a more enjoyable watch for the audience, i feel as if i made tying a shoe lace some what exciting for the audience and it definitely improved my editing skills whilst doing so.

Evaluation Question 6

6) What have you learnt about technologies through the process of constructing this product?

Throughout the construction of my final media product I have increased my skills on several editing formats, such as Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects, from a low skilled beginner to an intermediate skilled user. Adobe Premier Pro is an editing software I used which enables you to lay out your footage and go back and edit it at any time you need to. I feel as if my skills and knowledge of the software have dramatically increased throughout the course of the year.

To add my titles and create my Ident I used Adobe After Effects, when using this software I explored the wide range of different fonts, and had to narrow them down to the font which I thought best fitted my media genre. I also used it for the transitions of my titles. I experimented with the different transitions and thought that the fade in was the best fitted transition for my title sequence, this is because I thought it was the most slick and professional looking.

When creating my ident I had to learn how to create a colourful warp effect on the footage behind my titles, I had to use a YouTube walkthrough tutorial to aid me through this. It took me a few attempts to create the ideal ident, and I found with each attempt my skills and comfortability with the software increased. After spending several hours with the software I feel as if I’m at an ability i never thought I would be able to achieve when I first used the software.

To film the footage for my media I used a Canon 1200D camera, I used this camera with several of the other tasks I had to perform throughout this course, so I feel as if I have become very accustomed to this piece of equipment. This camera served me very well as it delivered high quality footage, and was easy to use, making my filming experience with this camera more enjoyable. This camera had a wide range of modes and was easy to tailor to the lighting of the area I was filming, I did this by altering the ISO and aperture of the lens. when filming my aperture task I felt as if I got used to changing the aperture to be able to focus on different objects at different distances, when I first used this camera to film my preliminary task i wasn’t as familiar with the camera as i am now, this is displayed by my lack of use of the ISO and aperture. To aid my filming with the camera, I used a variety of attachments, such as a tripod and monopod, I found the tripod gave more steady filming than the monopod, but took more time to set up between shots, overall I used the tripod more as it gave better quality footage.

I used a variety of different websites to present my work, such as WordPress and SurveyMonkey. I found WordPress extremely helpful and thought it made my work look very attractive. When uploading videos to the webpage i thought it was good that it was able to hyperlink work so you can click and watch the video without having to leave the webpage.

My knowledge of the different technologies used throughout the course of the year and production of my final media project has increased greatly, I have become much more confident when using the different softwares and equipment provided and would have never had thought I would be at this ability at the beginning of the year

Evaluation Question 5

5) How did you attract/address your audience?

In order to analyse how I addressed my target audience id firstly have to take into consideration the target survey and interview I have done. Once I had collected my results I realised that the people I interviewed thought it was best to film a thriller film in a secluded area, and to include some form of action in it. I took into full consideration the feedback I received and tried to apply it as fully as possible into my film opening by including action and filming it in the countryside.

My audience also suggested doing it in an urban run down, derelict area also I went against this stereotype by having it in a modern house in the countryside. I went against the stereotype to offer the target audience something different to the usual crime thriller you see.

I filmed it on a nice day, as most people do not associate drug deals and murder with nice weather, this contrasted the two, making it contradictory to other crime thriller films. I used this as in ‘Breaking Bad’ a lot of the crimes done there are done in broad day light and still maintains the captivity of the audiences attention.

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